We offer educational presentations for students, civic organizations, garden clubs and others who wish to learn about bees and all they offer to our world!  

We've presented at Lewis & Clark Elementary School in September 2015, the Northeast Kansas Bee Keepers Association in January 2016 and we will present at the Kansas Honey Producers Association in April 2016.  

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Our Services

Bee Removal 
Rather than calling an exterminator to remove bees from your residence or near the home - call us instead to save the bees!! This approach is the ethical removal of an established colonies of bees that have built a colony in an unsuitable location.  This includes the complete removal of all brood-comb honey and bees. Call us at (913) 461-9637 for an on-site consultation to discuss removal and pricing. 
Swarm Capture
In the spring and early summer, overcrowded bee colonies search out a new home.  A swarm is always out in the open - on a tree branch, a fence post, or other object.  Their mission is to create a new hive in a suitable location. This is called a swarm and their search for a new home, many times crosses paths with people. We can safely remove the bees and put them to good use in one of our apiaries. Often, we capture swarms free or charge a small fee for mileage or special circumstances. Contact us immediately by phone at (913) 461-9637 with swarm questions.